Choose Stock Model For Your Fast Launch

Customized design based on our stock ready-to-production model makes fast new launch possible by ordering smaller quantities without additional tooling cost.

PCR Cosmetic Packaging Refillable Cosmetic Containers Mono Material Skincare Packaging Ocean Bound Plastic Products
Sustainability is not fixed, is fully customized
The end point of plastic should not be a dump. This is a plastic material that has been successfully recycled and can be reused, and the brand does not need to significantly change the current style to achieve environmental protection purposes.
While reducing the purchase cost of consumers, it implements the concept of improving the global environment and recycling resources. UA packaging covers a variety of styles and categories that are loved by GenZ.
100% recyclable, the eco friendly containers for beauty products are easier to recycle and reuse than multi-material packaging, no additional disassembly process is required, and the eco friendly beauty packaging product has a longer life cycle.
The end of plastic shouldn't be the ocean. OBP is a type of plastic waste defined as“at risk of ending up in the ocean". It generates 80% of plastic marine litter and most of the time, does not have a commercial value.
Discover more possibilities on eco-friendly solution asit it becoming a higher priority forboth beauty brands and consumers- more now thanever before.
Making our clients happy is our priority number one
Essential Oil Orifice Reducer Round Bottle Plastic Custom Cosmetic Bottles Reducer Caps For Essential Oils Shipment Of Cosmetic Packaging
  • Project discover Project discover
    Every customer is different and so every project must be thought of differently, as one of the skincare and beauty packaging manufacturers, UApkg will learn all details and find out the challenging parts in this part.
  • Stock model or make your own shape Stock model or make your own shape
    When the concept is confirmed, you could select the stock model in our packaging library to shorten development time or co-create your own iconic shape with us.
  • Build your personality Build your personality
    All outer components can be customized by using various effects and decorations including printing, lacquering, metallization, and more to turn plain, versatile packaging models into distinctive, eye-catching products.
  • Inspection standard Inspection standard
    We take a scientific approach to translating verbal product descriptions into test data to make sure you'll have objective judgment in quality.
  • Mass production & Ship Mass production & Ship
    Celebrate and hope you'll make a big splash in the market!
UA Case Studies
Dr. Plant chooses UAPackaging as a long-term trusted vendor.
DR PLANT brought us their ideas and UA was excited to be responsible for the development of a turnkey package solutions and the results were wonderful.
Dr. Plant chooses UAPackaging as a long-term trusted vendor.
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Have Questions?
What beauty packaging categories UA provide?

As one of the skincare packaging manufacturers, UA packaging focuses on packaging for skincare, hair products, body products like bottle, jar, deodorant stick and functional accessories like cap, pump, sprayer, dropper are available too. What’s more, there’re kinds of detail parameters like pump dosage, bottle weight for you to choose the best matched one to realize expected use experience.

Can we develop custom packaging with UA?

Definitely YES! Both custom design based on stock pack and custom tooling are both available here. 

You’ll be inspired with UA’s full deco solutions and adjust detail effects to realize unique product. And UA owns completed tooling workshop to provide turnkey tooling service including mold design, production, test and maintaining to achieve your custom shape and use experience.

How should we get some sample?

Several pcs sample can be provided for free at early project stage(ready-to-send sample is collected from warehouse so its color, deco is random)  

If special design like matt finish, hologram, sustainable material is needed, we gonna provide separated relating sample for reference.

What’s your MOQ?

For most container models like bottle, jar, airless, MOQ is 10Kpcs supporting custom design whatever component colors, print and finish deco like matt finish.

5Kpcs is available for some versatile models as starter-friendly support, what’s more, custom design is available for 5Kpcs order too.

How to guarantee quality?

I should say it’s not perfect but satisfied.

To translate verbal like good, bad, OK into scientific judgement, we gonna provide inspection standard including sampling rule, test items, defect level, packing method and AQL and any additional request.

Before mass production, we gonna produce sample to make sure all details can match your design accurately. Without sample then the product may be quite different from your imagination in mind and cause big problem in both sides.

Where to meet UA team?

Oversea sales and manufacturing headquarters is in Jiangmen city, Guangdong province that 2hrs drive from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, HongKong. And we do have fixed booth in international trade show like COSMOPROF Bologna, HongKong for more than 5 years.

Branch Japan is open in 2022.

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