Sustainability commitment and targets
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Sustainability commitment and targets

Our commitment

UA Packaging is committed to help you identify appropriate sustainability goals and give kinds of solution, while not having to compromise on quality, custom design possibilities and use experience. Protect our planet and build your brand personality.

Every market-proven sustainable pack solution is available whatever PCR cosmetic packaging, MONO material, refillable cosmetic containers in UA. What’s more, we have deep understanding whatever how sustainability of each solution works and relating defect like risk of greenwashing, high pricing, bad look.

Our focus and target in 2025


At least 50% sold components are made from recycled or renewable material.

All sustainable materials are certificated with recognized regulations like EU, FDA.

Most advanced sustainable material especially revolutionary tech like chemical recycling is available in UA.

Climate positive power

Reducing energy consumption and switching to renewable energy from fossil one.

Manufacture headquarters are powered by at least 70% renewable energy like solar power.

Supply chain

By embracing clean beauty packaging industry, we apply the same to partners in whole supply chain. EcoVadis or other climate-positive certificate is priority in decision of choosing supplier.

All suppliers must comply with local Pollution Prevention and Control Law.

Eco pack design

The only way to convince more and more beauty brands to select bioplastic cosmetic packaging is to realize no difference between sustainable pack and regular one in aspect of quality, customization possibilities, modern use experience because none of brand is willing to accept defect caused by sustainability like bad look or plain look. All innovations will focus on sustainable pack targeting on less plastic use, 100% recyclable completed packaging and refillable design. As one of the sustainable cosmetic packaging manufacturers, UA Packaging has been committed to researching sustainable wholesale skincare packaging and has achieved certain achievements.

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