Why choose eco-friendly packaging for beauty products?
Sustainable pack

Why choose eco-friendly packaging for beauty products?

The packaging design of products is an indispensable part of brand building, and also an important part of brand tonality. It can be said that the appearance of products determines the brand value and the first feeling of consumers. In recent years, bioplastic cosmetic packaging changes tend to be personalized, and consumers prefer to be independent and distinctive, so personalization has attracted more and more attention.

Under the principle of customer first, all products pay attention to whether they can bring pleasant experience to consumers. Whether a product is attractive enough, in addition to more yuan and creative design and expression, the refillable cosmetic containers can also have more innovations.

The trend of environmental protection

According to the assessment of the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency, only 9% of the 9 billion tons of plastic waste in the world is recycled; As the main category of plastic products, 95% of plastic packaging loses its value after the first use, and only 14% of it is recycled. In this part of plastic waste, beauty products occupy a considerable proportion. More data show that by 2025, the global cosmetics market is expected to reach 169.67 billion US dollars. If such a huge market can't complete the green transformation, the harm to the global environment can be imagined.

Environmental protection has become a global tide. With the frequent occurrence of extreme weather and the strengthening of various external risk factors such as energy crisis, everyone feels the importance of environmental protection. The beauty care giant, which used to be dominated by luxurious packaging, is no exception, and constantly joins the ranks of environmental protection. From environmentally-friendly products to sustainable packaging to industry standards, beauty companies are implementing the new concept of environmental protection and sustainability from multiple perspectives.

Core replacement: plastic reduction and sustainability

In the innovation of sustainable packaging of UAPKG wholesale cosmetic packaging supplier, reuse and replacement have become a big idea.The innovation of this kind of environmental protection packaging is mainly reflected in: First, the pump head is reused, and the replacement package does not contain the pump head, so that the pump head can be used many times. Secondly, the replaceable vacuum pump bottle is used to ensure the activity of cosmetic ingredients.

Replaceable packaging has great advantages in plastic reduction. Compared with single-layer vacuum pump bottle, its single-piece replacement can save about 55 grams of plastic, custom printed cosmetic bottles can save at least 35%-86% of plastic usage.

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