Advantages of refillable beauty packaging
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Advantages of refillable beauty packaging

Recently, the refillable beauty has begun to attract the attention of the industry. As the name implies, a refillable beauty product is a product that can be refilled repeatedly. Consumers don't need to change the packaging, but only need to send things like custom printed cosmetic bottles to stores or send them to merchants, who will refill them and return them to consumers. Although it sounds a bit troublesome, it also has many advantages.

Reduce the cost

In recent years, with the economic downturn, the cosmetics industry has ushered in a frenzy of price increase. Not only the price increase of ingredients and raw materials, but also packaging materials are inevitable. Just the year before last, after carbomer, non-woven fabrics, glycerin and silicone, the price of plastics also ushered in an increase, among which the price of ABS (acrylonitrile-styrene-butadiene copolymer) packaging materials increased by 33% and PC (polycarbonate) packaging materials increased by 57%!

The rising price of packaging materials means that the product cost of bioplastic cosmetic packaging will also rise, which will bring about an increase in the overall price. How to improve the brand competitiveness in packaging has become an important issue. Filling beauty can help brands to better control the cost of packaging. Compared with traditional beauty, filling beauty does not need to produce more packaging as a whole, thus greatly reducing the cost of purchasing packaging materials.

Improve the interaction between brands and consumers

Refillable cosmetic containers are conducive to establishing a more stable relationship between consumers and brands, whether by providing online replenishment ordering or attracting more offline customers. Obviously, fillable beauty can improve the interaction between brands and consumers, and increase the online and offline activity flow of brands.

Help brands better respond to the global call for sustainable development

Environmental protection is an eternal topic. What's more, in recent years, the global ecological environment has deteriorated, and the waste of resources has made many people sad. Maintaining sustainable development has become an important responsibility of many enterprises. This year's electricity rationing policy is also a manifestation of the state's advocacy of environmental protection, and China wholesale cosmetic packaging supplier has long put forward the goal of "carbon neutrality".

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