Concepts that can be followed in cosmetic packaging design

Concepts that can be followed in cosmetic packaging design

As the most vivid, economical and effective way to maintain cosmetics and attract customers, packaging can not only beautify cosmetics, strengthen visual impact, but also create new market sales for cosmetics. Today, with the continuous development trend of market economy system and people's increasing concern for life and health, cosmetic packaging designers should pay more attention to the key hazards caused by cosmetic packaging materials in customers' daily life. This requires cosmetic packaging designers to grasp the whole process of consumer behavior theme activities according to their insight into a series of consumer behaviors, and comprehensively consider the difficult problems from several aspects, so as to design a more user-friendly, safe, beautiful and environment-friendly custom cosmetic packaging design.

First, follow the concept of environmental protection

From the perspective of saving ecological environment, the selection of cosmetic packaging design materials should conform to the low-carbon environmental protection regulations, reduce the product cost and the pressure of customers' purchase, and reduce air pollution. Furthermore, in order to develop the overall green ecological sociology structure of cosmetic packaging design, UAPKG wholesale cosmetic packaging supplier has improved the raw materials of cosmetic packaging design from the perspective of sustainable development, reduce the demand of cosmetic packaging design, increase the utilization rate of circulation system of cosmetic packaging design, and actively implement appropriate cosmetic packaging design. Only by recycling cosmetic packaging design, carrying out proper packaging, resisting excessive packaging, and taking the road of protecting ecological environment, reducing the consumption of relatively limited resources and developing green economy can we ensure that bioplastic cosmetic packaging design can maintain a good development trend.

Second, follow the concept of packaging performance

Cosmetic packaging design should have strong compression resistance, not easy to crack, and be conducive to transportation; The packaging design of cosmetics should have excellent temper resistance, water resistance, light resistance and fragrance retention. Besides, reliable sealing will not pollute the environment and harm the health of cosmetics, and it also has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, which can avoid the mildew of degreasers and substances in cosmetics and reasonably maintain the quality of cosmetics.

Third, follow the concept of humanization

In real life, we all know that women are the key group to buy cosmetics, so cosmetic packaging design should start with women's purchasing psychology! Cosmetic packaging design must adopt different design schemes for customers of different ages who have different preferences for color tones. Age is a key point. Students must be different from those who are new to the workplace, and the young and the old are also different. Naturally, there are also cosmetic types, custom printed cosmetic bottles and refillable cosmetic containers, design styles, consumer clothes and so on to be considered. But no matter which kind, it must reflect the level, fashion trend and trust of cosmetics.

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