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Our story starts in 2009, we insist on focusingon creating forward-looking packaging solutions that are mainly for indie beauty brands of all sizes. We connect decision-makers who peruse beauty and accurately deliver insights, innovation, and bespoke problem-solving to clients around the world. As one of the professional skin care packaging suppliers, please feel free tocontact us for any questions.

Main factors

In-stock pack 1000+

Can quickly help the clients to find the best-fit and ready-to-use packaging solution in the shortest time

Beauty Product Packaging
Custom mold design 50+ per year

Can fully realize the packaging that customers want in terms of appearance, function, and user experience

Cosmetic Custom Packaging
Sustainable packaging solutions 10+

Various sustainable solutions help our clients elevating brand value by going green while maintaining brand style

Sustainable Beauty Packaging
In-house production centers 2

Our strong and stable production capacity ensure our clients supported with nice quality packaging to launch their projects successfully

Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer


We're trusted by over 100 worldwide influential skincare, hair care, and beauty wellness care brands of all sizes, as well as the leading industrial design studio, OEM, and our proudly long-term clients are...

oriental princess

People are saying about us

I received the samples from UA Packaging today and very happy with the texture and feel of the soft-touch coating airless bottle. This feeling is what I would like to see in my products.

Lizzie W.

We finally got the serum bottles for our new project, all of them look amazing. UA Packaging team did a great job in getting this off the ground.

Natanli Y.

We received the updated proto-sample custom bottles from UA Packaging and we are happy with the result. The shape and dimensions is exactly what we want.

Felicity S.

UA Packaging team was extremely hospitable and we appreciate the time and the tour with the team. We accomplished what we needed and learn a lot about UA Packaging is process from the visit.

Jorilou Z.

We have received the refillable airless samples from UA Packaging and we like them a lot. We plan to use this airless bottle for our entire new line products.

Adel M.

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We're young, enthusiastic, curious, driven by the purpose of our work and energized by the joy we get from supporting each other. We build awesome and beautiful stuff and love doing it together. 

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