Self-developed ROUNDI dropper pack

Self-developed ROUNDI dropper pack

We're excited to share this good news with you that UA self-developed ROUNDI DROPPER is launched officially, it combining trending ball style and bulb dropper to help beauty brand realize differentiated but timeless elegant product image.


Mold tooling is nearly most challenging part in this development because any defect like shrinkage, embossed parting line, shot short gonna ruin this design so this tooling development costs much more than regular cap, bottle and here’re some numbers that more than 300pcs test sample, 80 days tooling (2 times than regular component), 1 time mold reproduction. What we’re trying to do is to make sure the use experience and quality matches expect in your mind.


Although this model is stock model which is ready-to-produce for any beauty brand, this timeless design meets balance between exclusive icon and plain shape perfectly to achieve unforgettable product image. What’s more, any design style whatever luxury, artistic, playful can fit this model very well, please refer to below examples. As one of the professional skin care packaging suppliers, if you have any concept in mind, we gonna provide high quality rendering for you to check the performance.


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