Five points for attention in cosmetic packaging design

Five points for attention in cosmetic packaging design

1. Do a good job in market analysis.

If you want to do a good job in cosmetic packaging design, you should first analyze the market. The specific operation method is: first, you can go to the skincare counters in shopping malls for investigation and research, then analyze the best-selling products, such as custom printed cosmetic bottles and refillable cosmetic containers, discuss consumers' understanding of the packaging design methods of popular brands, and then learn about the characteristics of the main products, and put forward some personal ideas for these characteristic products.

2. Combine colors, graphics, characters and other elements.

The design of bioplastic cosmetic packaging needs an overall idea, and it needs to be handled well in color, graphics and words. All these elements should be integrated into the skin care products, and their characteristics and advantages should be analyzed and summarized. It is necessary to combine some foreign products and domestic products to find out the shortcomings, and then improve them on this basis, highlighting their own advantages, and forming the idea of packaging design.

3. Analyze the different psychology of the target groups.

Because different groups of people have different psychology and different aesthetics, they must be treated differently when designing. Combined with the visual communication and humanization characteristics of skin care products packaging design, the overall analysis and design should be carried out. The packaging design must have its own characteristics, so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

4. Packaging design should cater to the elements of fashion trends.

People have higher and higher requirements for cosmetics and skin care products, and higher requirements for packaging. Therefore, the packaging design of skin care products must pursue novelty and have a form that conforms to the fashion trend, so as to occupy a certain market in the industry, and the same series of products should be reflected through different styles and differences.

5. Pursuing visual elegance.

The packaging design of skin care products must look beautiful in appearance, create a romantic and warm mood, and have a visual elegance and lyric-like mood taste as a whole.

In a word, skin care product packaging design must be personalized in terms of styling, color and words. Only by unique packaging design can customers be deeply impressed which you can find in UA packaging, and the purchase can be achieved, so that the brand image of enterprises can become more and more classic.

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