ALU Airless-Custom by you
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ALU Airless-Custom by you

Alu Airless Custom by You

Metallisation, achieve a premium and luxurious appearance

Metallisation highly increase the gloss and the reflectivity, shows premium aesthetics. Metallisation can be mirror-like or be in the matt color, giving more possibilities for customisation.

Plain finish, realise a high-end minimalism

Plain finish aluminum bottle has a natural metallic shine, which is a good illustration of high-end minimalism. Simple but sophisticated. Contact UAPKG wholesale cosmetic packaging supplier for more information.

Laser engrave, fulfill the needs for upscale personalised packaging

Laser engrave technology is typically used for metal, giving a tangible embossing touch. The pattern of airless cosmetic packaging for laser engraving can be customized, you can print the customer’s name on it.

Coating, match with colorful and lively style

Coating gives aluminium cosmetic containers colorful appearance. Both single color coating and multiple color gradient coating are available and support varnish and matt finish.

2 sizes

ALU airless skincare packaging is available in 30/50ml and ALU Airless Jar 50ml will be launched soon.

Besides this innovation, we do have rich experience and solutions in sustainable pack to realise your own sustainability goals.

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