Expressing Your Brand ldentity Precisely

UA takes full advantage of the endless possibilities of customization from elegant printing to various coatings, to express your brand identity in fine detail. No matter what design concept, target audience and sustainability objectives your brand has, all your projects will get personalized advice from UA 's professional team.

How We Make It?

Normally customization is unclear concept for most brands and suppliers but we're able to decompose it into 4 parts clearly to achieve precise customization which can match your brand identity perfectly.
  • Custom Character for Cosmetic Packaging Products
    Build your character
    Design of a product has always been an important element to define the identity.
  • Custom Print for Cosmetic Packaging Products
    Print conveys the message you wants the customers to receive. Give your product an emotional face via printing, and express the emotion to your customers.
  • Custom Function for Cosmetic Packaging Products
    Choose right function
    Function is communication between the personality of brand and consumer. A right function help consumer to feel the brand personality while using the product.
  • Custom Shape for Cosmetic Packaging Products
    Build your shape
    UA’s advanced technology in customization could bring your amazing design into reality without compromise, even down to the smallest detail.
Custom Color for Cosmetic Packaging Products Custom Finish for Cosmetic Packaging Products Custom Print for Cosmetic Packaging Products Custom Highlight for Cosmetic Packaging Products Custom Shape for Cosmetic Packaging Products Custom Logo for Cosmetic Packaging Products Custom Use Experience for Cosmetic Packaging Products

Our Expertise On


All components, all colors
Touchable and sophisticated
You can read, we can print
Catch your customer’s eyes
The most effective way to be different from others
Can be achieved by any way in anywhere
Long time stocking, user-friendly and best-match

3D Modeling

For a limited time, CGTrader is offering Shopify merchants a 30% discount on 3D models for any orders of 5 or more products. This promotion ends onApril15, 2020. Request your models today!

Decoration Cases

Some of our past works will provide you with new inspirations, imagine boldly, we can bring your packaging whimsy to reality.
Cosmetic Packaging Products Decoration Cases
Sustainability commitment and targets
Sustainability commitment and targets
Have a visit us at COSMOPROF Bologna!
Have a visit us at COSMOPROF Bologna!
DOUBLE PCS Aluminum Cap
DOUBLE PCS Aluminum Cap
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