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To Achieve New Sku Fast Launch With UA Turnkey Packaging Solution

DR PLANT plans to launch its new SKU and has fixed launch schedule but problem is that if it hires the studio which is in charge of its branding for packaging design then has to pay quite high design which is not cost effective for this project and gonna miss the target launch timing, to solve this problem, it finds UA to take charge of turnkey packaging development based on its existing product style and you can see the result, it’s successful.

To Achieve New Sku Fast Launch With UA Turnkey Packaging Solution


Although packaging includes kinds of elements like material, engineering structure, decorations, the most important thing which can represent brand image and make consumer feel the difference among products mostly is the outer shape so we gonna develop this packaging surrounding the shape.

This product is cleanser balm and target volume size is 100ml

UA team gave several shape concept options according to trendy style for brand to find the most appropriate one and we made it.

beauty packaging shapes

Engineering Structure

Outer shape gives differentiated visual impression of brand but consumer recognition to luxury of product depend on use experience provided by engineering structure whose importance is same interior decoration to car so we pay much attention on this part to make sure this structure can match target marketing position perfectly.

Solutions to cap and jar were provided separately:

2 Solutions Cap
1st Single wall
1st Single wall

Advantage of this solution is low cost because of small plastic usage and easy production but problem is also obvious that light weight, easy deformation.

The result is that brand refuses this option because it’s widely used in cheap things and doesn’t match mid-range market position, if it uses this cap then consumer will be disappointed even angry because mid-range price but cheap thing.

2nd Double wall
2nd Double wall

This structure features heavy wall and solid feeling.

Although brands has to pay more for this structure because of more plastic usage and additional assemble process, consumer gonna agree its market position after try in hand.

3 Solutions Jar
Solutions Jar
1st Blowing

Blowing is easiest and cheapest solutions whatever mold tooling, unit price but its lightweight and small size look makes consumer feel cheap, same problem as single wall jar.

2nd Solid

To achieve oversized look and heavy hand feeling then heavy wall design is good solution but its cost is nearly 50% higher than budget, brand has to give up this option too.

3rd Assemble

To balance cost and upscale appearance, the brand selects assemble structure.


The Reasons Why We Choose PP Are

Satisfied cost

This structure doesn’t have to use certain material because of not complicated structure and better cost is always needed for all customers, all projects, so this brand confirmed PP material because it’s nearly the bottom cost among most frequent using material like SAN, PETG.

The best chemical compatibility

Compelling advantage of PP is super stable chemical compatibility. To avoid miss launch timing once compatibility test fails, brand still needs to prepare PP version as backup whatever uses other materials or not.

-100% recyclable

PP material is one of recognized recyclable material in worldwide.

Added value use experience design

Tooling can start after structure is confirmed but we seize every opportunity to elevate use experience.


Nail gonna be filled with cream when consumer takes the cream by finger and it’s difficult to clean especially for decorated nail.

Added value use experience design
Plain solution customer didn't like

This brand agrees the problem we mentioned and wanna create something special not just adding logo on stock pack even if UA owns several stock spatula models.

Plain solution customer didn't like
UA's solution to make use experience stand out

We take advantage of empty part between base and jar and put spatula into it to bring special use experience to consumer and keep integrated shape at the same time.

Elevate use experience achieved by small change

Although customer feels happy to see exact model, 

we concern that some details may influence consumer’s use experience and damage product image in perspective of professional packaging supplier.

  • Antiskid Sealing Disc

    Elevating use experience opportunities

    Plain sealing disc

    This sealing disc is plain plastic finish and the handle part is small. Consumer may feel difficult to open it especially the hand is wet, smooth after using hand cream.

    Plain sealing disc
    Successful improvements

    -2.5 times bigger touch area

    Bigger handle is much easier to open sealing disc

    -Add embossed friction pattern 

    This friction pattern gonna avoid handle slip from fingers

    -Ergonomics cavity for finger

    With this cavity, consumer’s finger will feel more comfortable when open the sealing disc.

    Successful improvements
  • Hidden Assembling Line
    Split line

    It’s default to put split line on bottom part because of easiest production and lowest tooling cost but this shape is special, we should think differently.

    Considering this line is most frequent touch area in use, consumer gonna feel uncomfortable when touches split line and may have bad impression like cheap, low quality.

    Split line
    Successful improvements

    Honestly it’s impossible to achieve perfect seamless split line but we could move it to other area where consumer won’t feel comfortable when touch this line like below then problem is solved.

    Successful improvements
  • Firm insert Spatula
    Spatula pull&push

    The separation force is friction achieved by dimension of spatula and bottom part but problem is that small dimension change which is in tolerance influences big separation force quite a lot, nobody gonna feel happy when can’t insert spatula into jar smoothly.

    Successful improvements

    To solve this problem, we takes 2 solutions that increasing friction during spatula is pulled or inserted and fixing spatula in tunnel.

    -Adding rib line is added on surface of base and jar bottom

    -Adding block wing on sides of tunnel

    -Add lock nut on spatula and sides of tunnel.


This brand is in charge of all tooling cost so owns all molds. Besides adding embossed logo according to brand style, it doesn’t wanna share these competitive use experience innovation with others so request adding logo on all key components too.

1day 3D model print
1day 3D model print

To make customer feel confident in such a big tooling invest, we provided 3D print model made by owned print machine to make sure that customer can know all details clearly.

Customization Possibilities
Customization Possibilities

To make brand have full understanding of possibilities of customization, we provides kinds of cases including metallization, matt finish, print and more. Customization possibilities or limit must be provided before tooling, otherwise things gonna be very awful when brand has a creative idea like limited edition in future but this custom tooling model can’t support unfortunately.

Custom tooling made by owned mold workshop

Turnkey tooling process including mold design, tooling, test, maintainance is in control of owned mold workshop.

Custom Cream Jar
60 days

from drawing to finished sample

Custom Cosmetic Jars
6 pcs

Tooling component

Custom Made Cosmetic Jars
5 days


Skincare Jar Mold Tooling
45 days

Mold tooling

Skincare Jar Mold Test
10 days

Mold test and improvement

Custom tooling made by owned mold workshop Custom tooling made by owned mold workshop

Data talks quality standard

Quality isn’t description here, it’s action.

We gonna use data to prove quality and all data and test items is translated from comfortable use experience not rigid rule. 

Outer look:

We measure all dimensions whatever outer size, gap between components and align between logo on cap and print on jar with professional instrument to make sure unified and qualified outer look.

  • Component size and outer size
    Component size and outer size
  • Gap between components
    Gap between components
  • Align between logo on cap and print on jar
    Align between logo on cap and print on jar

Our job isn’t done until this last step is done.

  • Drop test
    Drop test
  • Print reliability test
    Print reliability test
Beauty Packaging Customer Dr Plant

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