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UAPKG Skincare Sprayer


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  • Color

    The color is a key element for packaging, conveying the character and the identity of the product itself.  color helps to distinguish the product from others on the shelf and increase the recognizability of the brand.

  • Finish

    Finishes give packaging different textures and conveys the aesthetic style of the brand. Though it may be subtle, it can influence the overall look and feel. Select the right finish to fit the product style and build an effective brand image. 

  • Highlight

    The highlight is the most compelling part of the entire package and is an important introduction to the brand. UA provides a variety of creative ways to showcase the highlight to ensure it gains the attention and stays prominent. 

Have Questions?
What is the neck finish and matched dosage for mist sprayer?

18, 20 neck, 0.1, 0.13ml

What use experience can sprayer have?
  • Wide range

  • Focus spray

What accessories can sprayer have?
  • Plain PP cap and Clear AS cap are both available

  • Aluminum shell collar, pump head and plastic collar, sprayer head are both available

  • Length of pipet can be customized to match different bottle sizes

  • Metal free path is available

What decoration can mist sprayer have?

Color of all outer components that overcap, sprayer head and collar are customized and no color limit

What is the MOQ & Lead time?
  • 10Kpcs MOQ supporting plain white, black color plastic and silvery A-shell.

  • For other colors, MOQ is 20Kpcs

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Sustainability commitment and targets
Sustainability commitment and targets
Have a visit us at COSMOPROF Bologna!
Have a visit us at COSMOPROF Bologna!
DOUBLE PCS Aluminum Cap
DOUBLE PCS Aluminum Cap
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