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UA Packaging Cream Tip Reducer
Round Dia19


ModelVolume(ml)Diameter(mm)Tube type
Round dia191519Coex PE

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Tube dia size(mm)Min volume (ml)Tube length(mm)Max volume (ml)Tube length(mm)

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  • Color

    The color is a key element for packaging, conveying the character and the identity of the product itself.  color helps to distinguish the product from others on the shelf and increase the recognizability of the brand

  • Finish

    Finishes give packaging different textures and conveys the aesthetic style of the brand. Though it may be subtle, it can influence the overall look and feel. Select the right finish to fit the product style and build an effective brand image. 

  • Highlight

    The highlight is the most compelling part of the entire package and is an important introduction to the brand. UA provides a variety of creative ways to showcase the highlight to ensure it gains the attention and stays prominent. 

  • Custom

    The shape of the packaging influence its appearance and use experience. UA Packaging offers customization service for irregular shapes, which greatly enhance the recognizability of the product. 

Have Questions?
What are the categories for tube?
  • Coex tube, cost effective plain option

  • Aluminum barrier laminated tube, perfect anti penetration and metallic finish

  • Plastic barrier laminated tube, high precision print and fastest production speed.

What are the shapes for tube?

Round, oval, flat, flat square, triangle.

What is the size for tube?
  • It depends on diameter and length.

  • Diameter options are fixed by stock extrusion mold and there’s range of length in each diameter option for you to choose according to needed filling volume.

What decoration can tube have?
  • No color limit for bottle color, and we have customized services that can customize any personalised cosmetic bottles of any color.

  • Matt finish, varnish, soft touch, mirrored metallization, matt metallization, hologram and more.

  • Offset print, screen print and hot stamp

What other customizations can tubes have?

Softness can be changed by adjusting formula of coex tube or thickness of ABL tube.

What are the sustainability possibilities for tubes?

Material of Parts including outer layer, inner layer and shoulder can be changed from PE material to PCR or plant based PE up to 100% to reduce virgin fossil plastic use and carbon emission. Only coex tube is available.

What is the MOQ & Lead time?
  • Coex tube is 10Kpcs MOQ supporting custom design

  • ABL, PBL tube is 20Kpcs MOQ supporting custom design

  • Mass production lead time is 25days more or less from order to ready-to-ship goods

  • If accessories is airless pump or needs special deco then lead time has to be prolonged.

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